Media Generalist / Librarian - Donna Ohanian 

General Information
Individual teachers or team teachers may reserve time to bring classes to the library for research or book selection by appointment only. 

The Collection 
The library collection consists of books, magazines, newspapers, and computer software and videos. 

Loan Policy 
General reading books may be kept for two weeks with renewal privileges. 
In special situations students may sign out books for longer periods of time provided their subject area teacher has made a prior arrangement. 
Reference books, magazines, newspapers, and videos are loaned. Software is not. 
Teachers may place books on reserve for student usage in the library. Students may not sign out reserved books. 
Students may sign out or have in their possession three books at a time. 
Overdue notices are sent to students through their homeroom teachers. Students receiving overdue notices should report to the library during that homeroom period to discuss the status of the book or materials not returned. 
Students who damage, deface, or lose books must pay for them. The principal, assistant principal, and the librarian will determine the price. 

Computer Usage 
All software students use will be school owned and licensed. 
Students accessing the Internet must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy. 
Access to the library internet connections is by appointment only. 
Student email accounts are not accessible through the school's internet provider. 
School computers are only to be used for educational purposes.

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