Eighth Grade Field Trip to MST

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Eighth Grade Field Trip to MST

By: Da’Zya Horne, Kaylin Gartland, Nael Khenchil & Catherine Whitt

The Hillside eighth graders went to Manchester School of Technology (MST) and what a tour it was! When they first got there they were greeted by the smiling face of MST’s principal Karen Machado who showed them an amazing video about the school and all of the CTE programs. The video included: health professions, careers in education, collision repair & refinishing, cosmetology, and their culinary arts program. Then they split up into their groups and the tour began!

Group three was able to tour the video and digital media production rooms. That is where students learn and make music videos, news, and much more. They also saw the green technology program, where students learn about sustainable agriculture and landscape design. They went on to visit the design communication classrooms where they learn about all different types of design skills such as architecture, civil engineering and even interior design.

Group two went to see HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), residential carpentry, collision repair & refinishing, manufacturing, welding and the auto body program. Many liked the welding course as they got to take home plasma cut batman signals. Sean K. said, “The carpentry/painting was cool because the students do not buy a single color of paint. They mix their own paint from two colors of paint.” These career programs are interesting for students who would like to be carpenters, mechanics or plumbers.

Group one saw many exciting things such as the health profession program where students train for the medical field. They also visited the public safety and law program where students learn how to become police officers and detectives. They even participate in mock trials and mock disaster situations!  The students visited the culinary arts program where there are two sides to the program. The baking side where they bake for the school’s bakery and the cooking side where they cook lunch for the whole school. The cosmetology program is where students learn about different types of hair and different hairstyling skills, then perform them on real customers. Last but certainly not least, they have careers in education where students prepare their own lessons and teach young children just like a school teacher.

MST is filled with possibilities, many eighth graders enjoyed their trip for different reasons. Ariyanah L. said, “ I really enjoyed seeing all the programs even though I’m not planning on going into them.” The field trip to MST showed the eighth graders that there is more to high school and their life after. MST gives eighth graders the chance to preview what they might do as a future career. Of course they may not know what they want to do and that is fine, but this trip may have just sparked some ideas. MST is highly recommended to those who would like an education and a place to start their careers early. Students who are interested in MST must be motivated to pursue the career they have chosen.

Hillside's New School Resource Officer

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Get to Know Hillside’s SRO

By: Rachel Gosselin, Trenton Rice & Kamryn Chretien


Photo Credit: Baril Mawo & Latrell Grimes

Our SRO (School Resource Officer) has an interesting back story. Officer Kozowyk has a lot of adventures every day. We asked him questions on what it is like to be a SRO. Remember he can always solve a problem that you have.   Here are some of the questions we asked.

What did you do before you became a SRO?  I was in a rock band before I became a SRO. I also had several jobs, but being in a rock band sticks out the most.


Do you have to go through extra training to become a SRO? You do not go through extra training. Once you are a SRO you have to go through specialized training for connecting with kids and things like that.

How long have you been a resource officer? This is my first year as a SRO but my fourth year in the police field.

Do you plan on being a resource officer for a few more years? Yes, as long as I can.

When is your birthday? August 2.

What inspired you to be a police/resource officer? I wanted to help people. Life is a big adventure. I also think kids have the most potential.

Is it ever a challenge in a school? How is it different from reality? It’s always a challenge, I need to learn kid vocab. Kids think that grown ups can’t help with their issues. But every grown up used to be a kid!

How do you solve problems with kids?  The key is to listen, kids want to be treated with respect, like young adults. This doesn’t always work, but I do what I can!

Is it difficult to be a SRO?  It can be busy. It can be difficult sometimes, but the schedule of being a SRO is easier than being an officer on patrol. It is definitely more lighthearted.

H.A.M.S Meeting

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H.A.M.S.  meeting will be postponed until Tuesday,  January 24th at 6:30PM in the Chorus Room.
Everyone is welcome.  We will be announcing the winner of 6 reserved seats for the Spring Concert Series.

Come one, come all to the PTO meeting

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The PTO will be holding their monthly meeting on February 7th in the library. The meeting starts promptly at 7 and lasts for an hour. Come hear all about the great things going on here at Hillside.

Box Tops for Education

posted Sep 22, 2016, 4:25 PM by Sarah Mates

We are in need of a parent volunteer to manage this on-going fundraising initiative.

If you are interested in further details please contact Maureen Hamel in the school office  at (603) 624-6352

Hillside's Kitchen Staff featured on WMUR's Cooks' Corner

posted Aug 12, 2016, 1:57 PM by Hillside PTO

On Monday August 15th the kitchen staff from Hillside will join Erin Fehlau and Kevin Skarupa on WMUR's Cooks' Corner.  The segment will feature Hillside's pizzas.  Be sure to tune into WMUR News 9 at Noon.

Helpful Tips for Incoming 6th Graders

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Hillside Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Hillside Middle School. The HMS PTO has developed this brief pamphlet to answer a few of the common questions that parents and students have. We hope this will be helpful to you and make the transition to Hillside easier.


What options does my child have for lunch?

Your child may choose to bring a bag lunch or purchase lunch in the cafeteria.  At least two meal options are offered each day, along with an assortment of drinks, chips, ice cream and other snacks.

How do I pay for lunch?

In order to more efficiently serve the students, it is preferred that lunch be purchased using a My Lunch Money debit card.  Families may sign up and use, an on‐line service that allows parents to deposit money into their child’s account, as well as monitor their child’s lunch account/purchases.  School IDs will be distributed to each student at the beginning of the school year.  These ID are also used as My Lunch Money debit cards.  Until then cash can be used in the cafeteria.

May my child have a snack and/or drink during class time?

No.  Food and beverages, including water, is not allowed during class.

What is the drop off / pick up line process?

Students may access the building at 7:32 AM each day.  Dismal begins at 2:20 PM each day.  Drop off and pick up both occur on Reservoir Avenue.  Parents are asked to pull over to the side of the road as they approach the school entrance, so children may safely exit.  We ask that children use the cross-walk when crossing the street and stay on the sidewalk.

How long between classes?

There are 2 minutes in between each class.

Does Hillside have an afterschool program available?

21st Century is an afterschool program run by the Manchester School District within Hillside Middle School.  It is available until 5:15PM Monday-Friday.  Sign up sheets will go home with your children within the first two weeks of school.  21st Century offers snack and homework help each day, along with a variety of activities that maybe selected daily.  Activities include: basketball, dance, hiking, arts & crafts and on Fridays a movie.  Your child may attend 5 days a week or just one or two.  21st Century is funded by the United Way, so the cost is only $5 per child.  Some specific activities require an additional fee.

Is my 6th grader mixed in with 7th and 8th graders during the day?

The 6th grade core classes are clustered together in one area of the school, so for the majority of the day 6th graders are separate.  The Unified Arts classes are held throughout the building, so during those times 6th graders do integrate with other grades.

How does my child know what bus to take?

During the summer you will receive notification from the Manchester School District as to which bus your child has been assigned, where the bus will pick them up/drop them off and the times of each.  If you do not receive your notification prior to school starting please contact the Manchester School District.

What do I do if my child is absent? Tardy? Has an appointment?

Parents are asked to call HMS in the morning if their child is going to be absent.  If your child is arriving late to school and/or needs to leave early they are asked to bring a note with them to school that day.

Failure to provide documentation for absences and appointments in a timely manner will result in an unexcused absence.

When can my student go to their locker?

Students are allowed to go to their locker at the beginning of the day, prior to Period A, before/after lunch, and then at the end of the day.

Does my child need a special type of locker for his/her locker?

It is not mandatory that students have locks on their locker, however it is strongly recommended.  It is also recommended that students use combination locks.  The combination will be kept with their Enrichment teacher in case the number is forgotten.

Where are backpacks stored?

Students are asked to keep their backpack inside their lockers during the day.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities will be listed in the Beak Speaks electronic newsletter. Also, check out the Volunteer opportunities quick link on the HMS PTO homepage for specific needs or e-mail.

Reminder: In accordance with NH State Law, the Manchester School District requires all volunteers to be cleared by means of a background check. A form is available on‐line at the school district website: http:/

Are tutoring services available?

21st Century is an afterschool program that offers tutoring, homework help as well as several other enriching activities for your student. Additionally, many teachers are available for help before school and hold help sessions before tests. This is announced in their classes.

How do I keep up on what is happening at school?

All parents can subscribe to the on‐line newsletter, Beak Speaks. The link is available on the homepage of the school website. Additionally, information is updated on the school website.  And don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

How do I track my child’s progress?

ASPEN Family Portal is available at Hillside for parents who wish to monitor their child's progress. All grades/ homework are updated regularly by your child’s teacher. The same login and password you received in elementary school still applies. New students/parents may receive their login information from the Guidance Department.

What is credit recovery?

Credit recovery is an opportunity for a student to recover grades of D or F earned in a course. VLACS online school and Summer School are options.

What activities are available in which my student may be involved?

A variety of clubs and activities are available to HMS students. Clubs are listed under the Student tab on the HMS website. Clubs include honor societies, community service groups, special interest clubs and recreational clubs. Announcements will be made during the school year inviting students to join and a club fair will be held during lunch where students can get more information on clubs that interest them.

Hillside Middle School also offers a variety of sports options such as: basketball-boys and girls, cross country-boys and girls, track-boys and girls and volleyball-girls.

What does the PTO do?

Most people view PTO as only a fundraising organization. Admittedly, fundraising is a major activity because PTO funding is a critical component to the success of our school. PTO funds help bridge the gap between needs and what is funded by the state and local government. However, the PTO also offers additional educational programs for parents and students. PTO is a great way for parents to stay connected to what is going on at HMS.

If you are interested in attending a PTO meeting we’d love to see you.  If you have any questions the PTO can be reached at

Do I need to buy specific clothes for PE class?

No, special clothes are not required. However, students are asked to change into athletic wear that they bring from home.

Does my student have a homeroom?

Each student attends Enrichment class, the equivalent of Homeroom, during the day.  In addition to distributing important school information, Enrichment is used as a chance for students to get extra help, visit the library and work on homework.  Enrichment time is also used as an extra lesson opportunity for curriculum such as creative writing and math problem solving.

What if my child is interested in participating in orchestra, band or chorus?

Orchestra, band and chorus are Unified Arts classes that will be taken as part of their regular day.  If your child is interested please notify your current elementary orchestra, band or chorus teacher.  Each elementary teacher will pass that information along to HMS.

What other Unified Arts classes might my student take?

Each student is assigned two Unified Arts classes each semester.  Integrated Arts classes include: art, general music, computer science, technology, healthy lives, language essentials and physical education.  If your child has elected to take orchestra, band or chorus it will count as one of their Unified Arts classes.

Can my child take books out of the library?

Your child may visit the library as part of a class for a special project or they may ask to visit during their Enrichment class.  Children are allowed to check out books using their school ID for two weeks at a time.

Congratulations to a Healthy Hillside

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Congratulations to Hillside Middle School for receiving the Healthier US School Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms (HUSSC: SL) Bronze Award.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's HUSSC:SL award recognizes schools that have worked to provide students with nutritious food and quality nutrition and physical education.  HUSSC:SL is a key component of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign.  Hillside joins a select group of only about 7% of schools throughout the country that are certified as HUSSC schools.

Attached below is the full letter from Kurt Messner, Acting Regional Administrator of the Northeast Region for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Special Guest Visits Hillside

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On Friday  December 11, Marcel Durette a wood turner from Pinardville came to Hillside Middle school to give turning demonstrations to the students.  Both Mrs.Sietz’s and Mr.LeBlanc’s classes attended the demos along with teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators.

Marcel demonstrated two types of turning, spindle turning and bowl turning. He created a snowman to demonstrate spindle turning and a small bowl out of cherry.  He brought many pieces of his work to show the students including a cowboy hat that was turned out of an 80 pound block of tiger maple. The hat was an instant hit with students and adults alike.

Mr.Durette, a lifelong Manchester resident, is a member of the Guild of New Hampshire woodworkers, the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and the Association of Quebec Woodturners (ATBQ). He started turning in the 80’s but really fell in love with the craft after taking a turning class at the Homestead woodworking school with Andy Motter. Eventually taking over for Andy after his death in in 2007. He now teaches several turning courses at the school.

Mr. McCafferty brought up the idea of starting an artist in residency program at Hillside. I contacted New England Association of Woodworking Teachers (NEAWT) to get a contact name for the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers. The guild and NEAWT have been trying to get local woodworkers into schools to promote and demonstrate their crafts.I exchanged a few e-mails and within weeks it was planned

The day was a great success. The experience was great for the students it exposed them to a new craft and hopefully inspiring a new group of artists.

Hillside painting crew just kept on going

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A group of Hillside Middle School parents decided to spend some hot July days putting a fresh coat of paint on the old, yellow, front lobby tiles that have greeted the school’s students and teachers since 1967.

When they finished, instead of patting themselves on the back and enjoying the rest of the summer, they decided to tackle the library. And then, of course, the gym.

Check out the full story:

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