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Another Great Field Trip

posted Feb 24, 2017, 8:07 AM by Sarah Mates

The Concord Field Trip

by Brooke Robert and Autumn Ouellette

On January 20th, a group of eighth graders traveled to the Federal Courthouse in Concord to learn about the court system. They were privileged to be able to watch a naturalization ceremony. There were people coming to America from over 30 countries! Then the select choir sang “The National Anthem” and “Prayer for the Children”.

After that the group ate their lunch and were taught about the K-9 unit and the police unit. They met a police dog named Kia who helps locate explosives and other dangerous materials. Mr. Batten, a chaperone on the trip said that, “It was beneficial to the students’ learning and it was a great experience.” Students also learned about military families and some of things soldiers go through.

Then the students went to a different courtroom and took place in two mock trials. Every student had some sort of part in the trials. The first took place in the 1700s, with William Penn as the suspect. He was found not guilty, and was released from the trial.

The second trial took place in 2017. The suspect was William Penn Jr. He was tried because a police dog found drugs in his locker. In the end, the result was indecisive. If it were a real trial, they would have gone back the next day to try and finish the trial. It was never decided whether or not William Penn Jr. was innocent.

A lot of the eighth graders enjoyed the trip, and it was a great experience for them. Hopefully the sixth and seventh graders get to go on this trip as well and get to learn the same things that the eighth graders did. Two eighth graders liked the trip so much that they are going back to visit Judge McCafferty to talk about law.