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Eighth Grade Field Trip to MST

posted Jan 20, 2017, 10:49 AM by Sarah Mates   [ updated Jan 22, 2017, 4:54 PM ]

Eighth Grade Field Trip to MST

By: Da’Zya Horne, Kaylin Gartland, Nael Khenchil & Catherine Whitt

The Hillside eighth graders went to Manchester School of Technology (MST) and what a tour it was! When they first got there they were greeted by the smiling face of MST’s principal Karen Machado who showed them an amazing video about the school and all of the CTE programs. The video included: health professions, careers in education, collision repair & refinishing, cosmetology, and their culinary arts program. Then they split up into their groups and the tour began!

Group three was able to tour the video and digital media production rooms. That is where students learn and make music videos, news, and much more. They also saw the green technology program, where students learn about sustainable agriculture and landscape design. They went on to visit the design communication classrooms where they learn about all different types of design skills such as architecture, civil engineering and even interior design.

Group two went to see HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), residential carpentry, collision repair & refinishing, manufacturing, welding and the auto body program. Many liked the welding course as they got to take home plasma cut batman signals. Sean K. said, “The carpentry/painting was cool because the students do not buy a single color of paint. They mix their own paint from two colors of paint.” These career programs are interesting for students who would like to be carpenters, mechanics or plumbers.

Group one saw many exciting things such as the health profession program where students train for the medical field. They also visited the public safety and law program where students learn how to become police officers and detectives. They even participate in mock trials and mock disaster situations!  The students visited the culinary arts program where there are two sides to the program. The baking side where they bake for the school’s bakery and the cooking side where they cook lunch for the whole school. The cosmetology program is where students learn about different types of hair and different hairstyling skills, then perform them on real customers. Last but certainly not least, they have careers in education where students prepare their own lessons and teach young children just like a school teacher.

MST is filled with possibilities, many eighth graders enjoyed their trip for different reasons. Ariyanah L. said, “ I really enjoyed seeing all the programs even though I’m not planning on going into them.” The field trip to MST showed the eighth graders that there is more to high school and their life after. MST gives eighth graders the chance to preview what they might do as a future career. Of course they may not know what they want to do and that is fine, but this trip may have just sparked some ideas. MST is highly recommended to those who would like an education and a place to start their careers early. Students who are interested in MST must be motivated to pursue the career they have chosen.