Cross Country

Please contact Mr. Richardson for information about Boys and Girls Cross Country:

Girls and Boys X-C Schedule for September and October 2012 :

Wed.    9/12    Hillside, Parkside, Barrington
Thurs.  9/13    McLaughlin, Southside, Litchfield, Rundlett

Wed.    9/19    Southside, Parkside, Heronfield Academy
Thurs.  9/20    McLaughlin, Hillside, Windham

Thurs.    9/27    INVITATIONAL MEET

Wed.    10/3    McLaughlin, Parkside, Belmont
Thurs.  10/4    Hillside, Southside, Hampstead, Cawley

Wed.    10/10   McLaughlin, Southside
Thurs.  10/11   Hillside, Pakside

Wed.    10/17   CITY MEET

Sat.    10/20   STATE MEET