Mission and Vision

Hillside Middle School acknowledges the unique needs of early adolescents from diverse cultures. We strive to create an environment whereby each student can accept the gift of knowledge to develop his or her potential ability in communication, decision making, citizenship and intellectual growth.

We believe that:

Adolescents experience unique physical intellectual, social, and for some, cultural changes; for which we must create a flexible, yet secure environment which meets their needs.

The successful development of an adolescent depends on support networks consisting of family teachers, mentors, administrators and community.

Hillside Middle School must strive to build self-esteem through a community of teams who have mutual respect for both adults and adolescents.

Our educational programs must demonstrate interdependence of the various disciplines in order that students value every aspect to their education.

Our educational program must allow each student to experience success.

Our program must create a basis for developing values and norms through individualized and interdisciplinary curricula.