Student Assistance Program


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides support to students experiencing a variety of problems to increase their ability to concentrate and be successful in school. SAP also provides prevention, intervention and education concerning substance use/abuse. The program is located in G18. Ms. Darlene Conley can be reached at or 624-6352 ext 1018.


By participating in support groups with other peers who share similar concerns, students are able to learn more about their particular circumstances and develop healthier coping skills. Group provides an opportunity for sharing experiences and ideas in a caring and supportive environment. Many students feel they are the only ones dealing with a particular issue. Through group participation, they learn they are not alone. Participation is completely voluntary. All information shared in group falls under the Federal Confidentiality Guidelines. Groups meet once a week on a rotating basis for an 8 week period.


Informational presentations are made by the SAP Coordinator in the beginning of the school year. Students can sign up or may be referred by family, guidance, administration, teachers or anyone concerned. All services are provided during the day and at no cost.


Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of the program. Contact with the SAP Counselor and participation in support groups are confidential under Federal Law. The only exceptions to the law are cases of suicidal or homicidal behaviors, as well as cases of abuse and neglect.


Family Issues - for students dealing with divorce and other family stressors

Communication - for students who want to improve the quality of their relationships with others

Grief/Loss - for students struggling with losing a loved one

Stress/Anxiety - for students experiencing feelings of fear, worry and unease.

Substance Education - for students whose lives are affected by substance use or abuse

Special Topics - groups are often developed based on need/request.