Library Media Center

Library Hours: Monday - Friday Media Specialist Kimberly Landies 603 - 624- 6352 x

Hillside's Library Media Center (LMC) is divided into 4 distinct areas to allow as much opportunity for students and staff to access our high and low tech resources

The Computer Cafe - for independent student / staff research

The Media Hub - for small group and large presentation work

The Library - for student work and checking out books

The Makerspace - for student passion projects

Thank you to Gear Up for our grant. Over $500.00 worth of high interest low level Horror / Suspense Novels and Sports Nonfiction.

Donor's Choose Grants for the Makerspace include perler beads, jewelry stampers, and circuit kits

Our new "Breaker Space" allows students to explore taking apart items. (future inventors? engineers?)