Digital Resources

BrainPop Sites

Brain Pop, Brain Pop Jr.,

Espanol Brain Pop, Francais Brain Pop

ask your teacher for class code or enter through Clever

username and password are hillsidestudent1

Overdrive Resource for Ebooks

Can access through your school clever account.

Username and password are your school google info.

EBSCO Database:

The district pays for us to have the EBSCO Database. It can be accessed anywhere anytime. ( google ebsco host login. Username: hillsidem Password: hawks03104! ) Hundreds of newspapers, journals, books etc. available for research. All fact checked and age appropriate.


Search here at Explora. It will search several databases at once to find you reliable information on your topic. username: hillsidem and password: hawks03104!

Organized digital library features piles of useful primary resources for teachers.