Library Policies

Borrowing policy:All students may borrow unlimited books per week up to 10. All students start the year with one book and based on how responsible they are handling the book and returning it on time determines the number of books they may borrow weekly.

Library Volunteers

Attention Intermediate Students!

Volunteers accepted during most Enrichment and flexible class times. Check with your teacher and bring a pass.

Volunteers help with:

  • re-shelving books
  • organizing Maker Space materials
  • pulling books for seasonal displays
  • helping process new materials
  • special projects

Choosing books: All Hillside students may choose any books of their liking. This includes fiction, nonfiction and magazines. Our Library consists of genre sections including: Nonfiction, Historical, Humor, Horror/Suspense, Romance, Sports, Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy and Science Fiction.


Hillside Middle School Library Mission: The Hillside Library strives to provide a welcoming and accessible center to all the resources and skills necessary for our students to be successful learners.

“It is the mission of Manchester School Library Media Specialists to empower and inspire all learners to reach their greatest potential in a global community.”

Gifts / Donations

The library welcomes gifts or donations of appropriate, in excellent condition, books and materials. . Any donated materials become the property of Hillside Middle School and may be disposed of as seen fit. Please understand that the same criteria for purchased materials applies to donated materials:The material is of a topic which falls within the scope of our collection, it is in excellent condition, it is timely, and the library does not already own duplicate materials.

District Library Policies

Here's a link to our district library policies. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mrs. Landies the librarian!

District Policies