21st Century

At-Home Opportunity:

Girls At Work through 21st Century

Hi all,

This is Ms. King with 21st Century @ Hillside. In addition to our after-school programming, we'll be partnering with Girls At Work to give students a chance to receive a kit to build an "at-home classroom" all on their own. Girls At Work's mission is to get young girls interested in construction & engineering. See the flyer attached for more information!

Families interested in participating in the Girls at Work opportunity will need to sign up for 21st Century, which also gives kids access to our remote academic support and enrichment activities run daily. There is currently no cost to be involved in the program. Sign up before Tuesday 11/17, and I'll be in touch about how to get kits!

If you have any questions about signing up please let me know!

Contact Information

Laura King

Program Cell: 978-566-1688

Email: lauraeking@mansd.org