Band,Orchestra & Chorus

picture of band-holiday concert

Hillside offers a variety of music opportunities for students. If you are going to be a new student at Hillside please let your current 5th grade music teacher know you are interested in taking one of the following classes in 6th grade. If you are currently enrolled at Hillside please see your Guidance Counselor regarding the opportunities. Interested parents should visit the Hillside Association of Music Supporters (HAMS) page.Orchestra: Orchestra is available for all three grades. Welcome to Orchestra; the best place on earth for you and your four stringed friend! This class is designed to expose students to a variety of classic orchestra literature, as well as some contemporary radio hits. Beyond learning the correct techniques for continued success in higher level orchestra classes, the Hillside orchestra program is designed to transform students into well rounded musicians. Students will learn livelong skills in music theory as well as music history and culture. Students will even get a chance to express their creativity by composing original compositions. Orchestra class is taken during the school day in place of another elective class.

Chamber Orchestra: For those who desire an extra challenge, the Hillside orchestra program offers a Chamber Orchestra, where students are challenged with harder level music, and a greater sense of independence on their parts. Chamber is a by audition group offered to 6th,7th and 8th grade. It runs this year from 2:35-3:30.

Band: Music is for everyone and band is a place for everyone. Nowhere will you get such a sense of community and support, along with an unequivocal belief in teamwork. These are all things that need to be realized before a musician, young or old, can even think about playing a single note. Band is a place to be together, to make music and to make friends that will last a lifetime. Participating in band, taking the plunge and learning to practice, learning to perform, learning to create, and learning what it’s like to be part of a true team where everyone is a star because every single person matters. Band class is taken during the school day in place of another elective class.

Chorus: Camaraderie in singing is truly felt when one is in Harmony with others. Chorus gives students the Opportunity to express themselves through performance. Responsibility of working together making joyful sound Unites all people and gives us the Satisfaction of creating everyday beauty! Chorus is about so much more than what you see on ‘Glee.’ We join together every day to add to our lifelong journey of musical experience and expression! In chorus, we step out of our comfort zones and learn to shine both individually and as a group. Chorus class is taken during the school day in place of another elective class.