Hillside Middle School

*Athletes will get their temps checked every practice or game.

*Coaches and athletes will need to be masked at all times.

*Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any other sport while playing for the school team. This includes any sports training out of season. Violators will be removed from the team.

*Players should bring their own basketballs.

*If an athlete has failed 2 or more classes they will not be allowed to participate in winter sports.

*Student athletes will need to remain in remote learning until the season has been completed.

*Parents are not allowed into the schools at any time. No spectators.

All students must be cleared physically and academically before they can play their respective sport.

Here is the link to register: https://www.familyid.com/organizations/hillside-middle-school

Please select this link to Redirect to mansd.org for the latest information regarding current Manchester Schools Status.

21st Century Session 2 Taking Registrations

Hillside’s 21st Century after school program is gearing up for Session 2! Every day after school, 21C provides daily homework help, tutoring, and fun games and projects. If you register for session 2, you’ll be able to join us in clubs for chess, art, anime, creative writing, and more.

If you’re not in the mood to spend more time on Google Meet after school, we offer some offline programming as well. We’re partnering with Girls At Work, an organization aiming to get young girls interested in construction and engineering, to provide kits for girls to build a cool remote learning set up at home. We’re also partnering with Ms Landies at the library to create a book club where you can read books & complete reading projects to win prizes.

Session 2 starts Nov. 30. If you’d like to join, your family can register you by going to 21st.mansd.org. Email any questions to Ms King at lauraeking@gmail.com!

Hillside Hawks, we hope you all are doing well. Here is a little video to cheer you up! Here's to seeing you all soon!


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