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Summer Reading information was sent home with report cards on Thursday, June 13 for incoming 7th and 8th graders.

For our outgoing 8th graders, summer reading lists for West, Central, Memorial and MST were attached to report cards as well.

Please see https://bookedforsummer.mansd.org for more information.

Have a great summer filled with relaxation and reading.

Just in, please check your raffle tickets that you bought from the PTO. If you have a winning ticket please bring it to Mrs. Zapora in the front office to claim your prize. Congratulations!

1. CJS - 668284 2.T-bones/CJS- 668199

3. Villaggio- 667288 4. Vertical Dreams- 668574

5. Angela’s - 668034 6. Hooked- 667654

7. Ignite- 668245 8. Pat’s Peak- 668584

9. Blake’s- 667091 10. Blake’s - 667158

11. Cowabungas - 667100 12. Children’s museum- 667046

13. Butterfly Place- 667524 14. Currier- 667306

15. Lok’d- 667242 16. Nadeau- 667330

17. Nadeau- 667444 18. 99 Restaurant- 668042

19. Old Navy- 667147 20. Old Navy- 667026

21. Mr Macs - 668436 22.Barnes and Noble- 668119

23. Barnes and Noble- 667222 24. Puritan- 668423

25. Puritan- 667618 26. Zorvino- 668396

27. Strawbery Banke- 667187 28. Fosters - 667120

Hillside would like to thank all of the parents and families who helped make the 8th grade field day and semi--formal dance possible through their extremely generous donations of food, drinks, games, and finances. As well as a huge thanks to Tom Mattson and the staff of Manchester Parks & Recreation for all their help on field day and for the use of the field.

Hillside would also like to recognize and thank the over 40 local establishments for their incredible generosity of food donations for the semi-formal dance. We respectfully suggest that Hillside families access these establishments as patrons when doing take out or dining sometime in the future.

Alley Cat Pizza (Chesnut Street) Angela's Pasta & Cheese Shop (Chesnut Street)

Applebees (D.W. Highway - Hooksett) Auburn Pitts (Massabesic Lake area - Auburn)

Bagel Cafe (Hanover St. and Lincoln Street) Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - (Elm Street)

Billy's Sports Bar (Tarrytown Road) Buffalo Wild Wings (Mall of N.H.)

Cactus Jacks (South Willow Street) Chelby's (Mammoth Road)

Cotton (Millyard) Cremeland (Valley Street)

Domino's PIzza (Amory Street - Westside) Firefly American Bistro (Concord Street)

Foundry (Millyard) Fratello's (Millyard)

Giorgio's (Granite Street - Westside) Giovanni's (South Willow Street)

Goldenrod (Massabesic Lake) Hannaford's (Manchester)

Jerome's Deli (Bridge Street) Kitchen (North River Road)

La Carreta (D.W. Highway-Hooksett Road) La Fiera (Wilson Street and Manchester Street)

Little Caesar's (Second Street - Westside) Margarita's (Elm Street)

Master Wok (Mall of N.H.) Michelle's Bakery (Union Street)

Mr. Mac (D.W. Highway-Hooksett Road) 900 Degrees Pizzeria (Dow Street)

Panera (South Willow Street) Pappy's Pizza (Elm Streets)

Piccola (Elm Street) Pizza 911 (Mast Road - Pinardville)

Poor Boy's Diner (Rockingham Road - Londonderry) Portland Pie (Elm Street)

Puritan (D.W. Highway-Hooksett Road) Sabroso (Lake Ave and Maple Street)

Sandy's Variety (Massabesic Lake) Shorty's (Bicentennial Drive)

Stark Mill (Millyard) Villagio (D.W. Highway-Hooksett Road)

Zoey's (Massabesic Lake)


A big thank you to all who donated to both the 8th grade dance and 8th grade field day. Your generosity is much appreciated each and every year. These events would not happen if it wasn't for your support.

Congratulations to our top three spellers.

Mirza Kruscica

Mason Estep

Ra'king Santiago

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