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Dear Students, Family and Friends,

Welcome to the Playwrights Festival 2020-2021, a Virtual Theatre Event at Hillside Middle School!

I am so excited to present these plays written by four extraordinary students. Their work is the culmination of six playwriting workshops in the Fall and four weeks of intensive writing.

They were tasked with writing a play where they had to use inanimate objects or animals (no humans allowed!) for their characters. The plays they wrote are humorous, charming, sharp, and full of amazing puns and word play.

Over the course of two months we rehearsed and recorded these plays all online using google meets and StreamYard. The actors had to learn a completely new way of acting - how to navigate the virtual world, where left is right and right is left, connecting over miles of virtual space.

I am thrilled to be able to present these four plays to you today. I am soooo proud of the playwrights and all of the actors who made this happen for Hillside this year.


Alison Potoma -Director

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