Hillside's 2019 Spelling Bee

Mason Estep, Ra'King Santiago, Mirza Kruscica

Mason Estep, Ra'King Santiago, Mirza Kruscica

Hillside’s 2019 Spelling Bee

By: Ra’King Santiago

Hillside’s Annual Spelling Bee was on January 23rd in the library. Prior to the actual bee, each Language Arts class took a spelling test with 25 words. Whomever got the most from that team, was sent the to the Spelling Bee. The runner up of the team was also sent as well. After the people were picked, a packet of words was given out to study. Those words were the same words used in the Spelling Bee. It just happened to be that I ended up being the person from my team to represent our team in the Spelling Bee.

The 23rd came around and on that day everyone was called to the library around 8:15-8:20. A group of parents had come to support their kids in the Spelling Bee. The first round started, and in that round regular words were given out. Some kids misspelled words and were sadly out of the bee. In the second round, Italian originated words were given out. In that round, there were also misspelled word which shortened the circle. In the third round, Arabic originated words were given out. In that round many got out, which left the circle at 5 people.

Lastly, in the last round, challenge words were given out. It just happened to be that I survived to the top 3 spellers and made it to the challenge round. That was the last round. In that round, the 1st place speller was determined to be Mirza Kruscica. The 2nd place speller was also determined,which happened to be me, Ra’King Santiago. Lastly the 3rd place speller was determined which was Mason Estep. The top 3 spellers of the bee are now being sent to be part of the district Spelling Bee on February 21st at Parkside at 6:30 p.m. The #1 speller of the bee is being sent to Concord for the state Spelling Bee on February 23rd. Now that you have heard of how the Spelling Bee at Hillside Middle School is run, I hope you get a better idea and understanding of it.