Talent Show 2019

Talent Show 2019

Every year, Hillside hosts the annual talent show for the whole school to see. This year’s talent show was on April 19, 2019. This was the Friday of Hillside Week! There were 13 different acts this year. All with a different and impressive talent. The judges were Ms. Sheinman, Ms. Potoma, Miss Turner, Mrs. Karvalas, Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Werst, and Ms. Dunn.

Some of the acts included; piano, singing, tap dancing, violin, and hip hop dancing. The talent show winners were Shukuru Bahera , Juliette Karubi, Zita Matimano, Benjamine Ayaya, and Daudi Harerimana. They performed a group dance to the song titled Karupe which was an African beat. They practiced every day and wore matching outfits.

Judges scored students based on several different categories. Some categories include; being prepared, costume, and crowd participation. Every single act did an amazing job and picking the winners was not easy. Every student was talented in their own way and this made for an outstanding talent show this year!

Written by:

Bozena Hrynyk

Fernanda Machado

Edited by: Destiny Lemay