Hillside Week is the week before April vacation and is celebrated every year where we organize activities for every day.

One of these activities is Zumba! This is when the school gets to go to the gym by grade for one period out of the day and exercise through dance. Hillside has been fortunate enough to have Sallie Werst volunteer to lead Zumba for the past 4 years. Sallie is an awesome dancer and has taken ballet since she was two years old. She leads Zumba to at least 20 different songs. She cuts and saves them into one long dance combination. The students have so much fun trying to keep up with her routines. She even lets some kids join her on stage.

Zumba is not a boring exercise. It makes your heart speed up and slow down which is good for our bodies. It is important that we stay healthy and active as much as possible. Zumba is fitness but fun at the same time.

A big thank you to Sallie Werst, DJ club and Mr. McCafferty for making this day possible.

Written by: Benjamine Ayaya and Jade Collado

Edited by: Destiny Lemay