Hillside Week

Hillside Week is a week in April where students get to show their school spirit. It is a way for everyone to come together and participate in some fun activities the week before April vacation. Every day there is a different theme where students and staff members dress up.

Monday was Sports Day, students wore sports clothing and hats. There was also an assembly where we got to watch staff versus students in an epic basketball game. Sixth graders had recess and were able to go outside for a period. On Tuesday, students dressed like teachers and teachers dressed like students. It was also Twin Day which meant you dressed the same as someone else in the school. Seventh graders had recess. Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. This meant you had to dress wacky! Wacky hair, wacky clothes, wacky hats, and wacky socks. The eighth graders enjoyed recess that day. Thursday was Beach/Hawaiian day and there was a dance after school. Everyone wore hats, sunglasses, sandals, and flowers. Friday was School Spirit Day. Eighth graders had to wear green, seventh graders had to wear black, and sixth graders had to wear white.

There was also a school talent show. The whole school joined together in the gym to watch 13 different acts. At the end of the day, sixth and seventh graders got to enjoy some zumba in the gym as well. Overall it was a fun week! The Green Machine worked very hard to make this week possible. Thank you Green Machine

Written by: Abdi Rashid and Samuel Tuyishime

Edited by: Mason Estep

Spirit Week

Spirit Week