Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks

Spring has sprung and Miss Turner’s science classes have been waiting patiently for their baby chicks to hatch and they are finally here! Ms. Hodges donated 35 fertilized chicken eggs to Team Compassion to observe and study in science. Students received these eggs on April 30th and have been reading and learning all about the growth of a chick ever since.

They learned that it takes a total of 21 days for an egg to hatch. On May 10th, Team Compassion looked at the eggs with a light. This is so they could see if there was something growing inside. It was really cool. You could see where the chick’s heart was and also some veins. On Friday, May 17th, the first two chicks hatched. By May 21st, 14 chicks had hatched! They also learned that sometimes not all the eggs hatch. They were all different colors and were so cute.

The chicks now have a new home at Ms. Hodges’ house where she will raise them. The students were sad to see the chicks go but had so much fun learning all about them.

Written by: Bozena Hrynyk and Fernanda Machado

Edited by: Destiny Lemay