Culture at Hillside

Culture at Hillside

By: Jade Collado Pena

Here at Hillside Middle School there are many different cultures as you can imagine! In total there are 34 different countries. The Hillside community has great cultural diversity. The Hispanic culture predominates, followed by African, Arabic, and Asian cultures.

We also have a team called “Team Compassion,” which is a team in which students from all over the world come to learn English.

This team has 5 teachers: Mr. O’Neil, Ms. Hodges, Miss. Turner, & Mrs. Ratzliff who offers language support to our students.

Name of Country Number of Students

Benin 1

Brazil 7

Burundi 6

Canada 1

China 1

Dominican Republic 18

DR of Congo 9

Ecuador 1

El Salvador 4

Gambia 1

Guatemala 1

Honduras 10

Iraq 1

Jamaica 2

Jordan 1

Saudi Arabia 1

Spain 1

Sudan 2

Syria 1

Tanzania 13

Thailand 1

U.S. Virgin Islands 2

Uganda 6

United Arab Emirates 1

Venezuela 1

Yemen 1

Total Number of Countries


Total Number of Students