Hillside Girls Basketball Team

Hillside Girls Basketball Team

Written by: Julia Bouthot

The basketball team is the most popular sports team at Hillside. Both girls teams are really good. Both teams won the city championship game two years in a row. There are two teams. The A team and the B team. The coach for the A team is Joshua Bouthot. He works with plays, skills, conditioning, and shooting. The A team is a tough team to make unless you work hard at tryouts. The coach for the B team is a teacher at our school. Her name is Nicole Eosue. She teaches sixth grade science. But during basketball she has her head in the game. Her team is easier to make and they work on shooting, dribbling, plays, and defense.

Coach Bouthot

Coach Bouthot has been coaching basketball for twenty-three years. Three of those years right here at Hillside. He has always enjoyed playing basketball starting in middle school and continuing through college. He continues to enjoy basketball by coaching and running fun practices. All of the A team girls enjoy his practices. He would like to continue to coach this team.

Coach Eosue

Coach Eosue is a science teacher here at Hillside. She teaches sixth grade science on team Respect. She is a fun teacher with a great passion for basketball. Coach Eosue has always enjoyed the sport. She chose to become a coach because she used to play this sport. She likes being involved in basketball and almost every sport. She coaches the girls B team and has been coaching basketball for fourteen years. She has been coaching at Hillside for six years. She likes coaching the B team and would like to continue coaching it.