Mr. McCafferty

A Few Things To Know About Mr. McCafferty

By: Karielys Garcia Perez and Karla Raudales Zeron

Many people see Mr. McCafferty on a daily basis. He is often walking around the school and popping into classes. Sometimes he might be seen in the lunchroom making sure all the kids are behaving. Most don’t realize that there is more to his job than just walking around. He works hard to make sure our school runs smoothly.

Mr. McCafferty has been principal at Hillside for 10 years.The reason he decided to become a principal was because he likes to help kids. Mr. McCafferty’s job before coming to Hillside was as an assistant principal at Beech Street Elementary School.The reason he decided to work in Manchester was because he was born here. Also his friends and family live here.

Hopefully there will be time to check in with Mr. McCafferty again soon to ask him some more questions. He is so busy that he only had a few minutes to spare.