6th Grade Wisdom

6th graders on Hillside

Band illustration

6th grader advice for incoming students:

  • middle school has a lot of students compared to elementary

  • Sixth grade has a lot of awesome teachers.

  • Hmm don't foul around

  • Be your self and try your best.

  • Do your school work and listen to the teachers

  • 6th Grade Is Hard Sometimes, But you have to get through it. You May Not Like it but its a long road ahead.

  • Make sure to always pass work on time.

  • Middle school is really hard when u start your first few weeks there but it will be better by the 2 months or so

  • Ask for help when you need it

  • When I first started six grade I was scared but when two months passed it was really annoying and fun

  • Ask the right questions.

  • Do good in school

  • 6th grade is easier if you get your work turned in

  • Be nice to the teachers so they're nice to you

  • Sixth grade is easy if you turn in your work.

  • Try your best

  • Take notes in classes

  • Make sure you turn your work in on time

  • Pay attention

  • It might seem scary at first but once you have been there it not scary and it is fun

  • Keep up with your school work, ask for help if you need it.

  • ask for help always